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Im not the greatest writer, but I can hope to improve as I post more blogs over time. I will share stories both personal and business related. I will share insight on articles about the accounting, tax, and consulting industries. I will share life events, and random topics. I hope you find them interesting. I love an open discussion so don't hesitate to respond.

I decided to start this business because of my immense passion I have in helping other people. At all my previous jobs I would go over and beyond for customer service and satisfaction. All my managers would question it, and even say " Abdullah, you know you don't have to do all that.." but it's who I am. I also love the field of accounting and taxes. Hold it right there. No I don't love taxes, but like they say, " There are two things that are inevitable in this world, DEATH and TAXES." So I love helping people figure out how much taxes they owe, and how we can keep as much money in your pocket, and not in the governments pocket inside the boundaries set by our law. Nearly 2 billion dollars in refund money is not taken because people don't take full advantage of their credits, deductions, and tax breaks.

I am here for you. You tell me what you need and I will deliver. I look forward to sharing with you, creating lines of communications with you, and working with you. Everyone, Have a great week!

Abdullah Elheet

Elheet Consulting

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